Top 5 Album Drops of 2020

Jan 12, 2021 music notes

A very biased list of my favorite albums of 2020

This list isn’t based on what I listened to the most. That would look different. It’s what I consider the best albums of 2020, based on my music tastes right now.

My Top 5 albums of 2020

  1. The New Abnormal by The Strokes
  2. Women in Music Pt. III by HAIM
  3. Punisher by Phoebe Bridges
  4. Energy by Disclosure
  5. Limbo by Amine

Honorable Mentions

Spotify Review

Spotify says I listened to 38,310 minutes or 638.5 hours or 26.6 full days of music, and that’s an underestimate. It doesn’t include the music I listen to on YouTube, NTS, or the radio.

My top genre is rap. My top 5 songs are the first 5 songs in my workout playlist, so that’s not very insightful. My top artist is Mac Miller, mostly because I listened to his posthumous album Circles after he passed away. Sadly, famous rappers passing away and then having their posthumous albums blow up was a theme this year… fitting for 2020. On a positive note, Travis Scott’s VR concert set was a completely new and creative music experience.